"Your family, and their safety are
the most important thing in the world to you..."

A trained family protection dog can
help to keep them safe and secure.
Family Dog Myths

Sometimes the truth, really is a wake up call.

Would an average dog protect you and your family, if threaten? The short answer is “No!” Only a trained family protection dog will be able to protect.

Yes...most dogs dogs bark to alert, but that's as far as the average family dog goes. When push comes to shove, your dog will probably run and hide no matter if they are large or small, because pets don't know what to do . They do not have the wild survival instincts any more, since they are only pets.


Most dogs don’t have the heightened territorial fight instincts, that their wild wolf cousins have to keep other predators out of their hunting territory. The bottom line is that protection dog training takes time and effort, just like a martial artist, wrestler or boxer. You don’t just wake up one day and say, "That's it, I’m a black belt in karate." It takes time and training, because this is martial arts for dogs and like all martial arts it is for defense only, and nothing else.